A seamless marriage
of art and geometry.
Since 2005, DIMCO has been reshaping the architectural landscape of the MENA region by offering a wide array of consultancy services, bringing taste, safety and adaptability to this ever-evolving industry. Click here to learn more
Taking the guesswork
out of project planning.

Let’s face it: navigating the hurdles of real-estate projects is daunting, regardless of their scale or scope. Between poor planning, safety concerns, regulatory red tape and unforeseen costs, even the simplest project can go awry.

Rest assured, we have your back.

We are an engineering consultancy firm based in Amman, Jordan, with a rich portfolio of projects that spans well over a decade. Since its inception in 2005, DIMCO has helped clients translate concepts to realities and address gaps in existing projects by delivering a wide array of consultancy services that include feasibility and appraisal studies, project design and project management, structural engineering, and others. With a network of highly experienced engineers, DIMCO provides the vision and tools necessary for clients to minimize the risks and challenges associated with large-scale projects while maximizing the return on their investments.

Evidence-based planning is the core principle of DIMCO’s approach and is what sets apart from the crowd. Our services are provided as part of a comprehensive, IT-based framework that guarantees meticulous quality control, assurance and management across all stages of project planning, allowing us to identity problems before they arise and create contingencies and solutions at minimal costs to our clients.

Some of the things we do (and we do them really well).
Feasibility Studies
Have a concept that you’re not entirely sure about? We can help. Our network of project specialists have more than 20 years of experience navigating the complexities of real-estate development, and can assist you in identifying opportunities and challenges within any given context.
Project Management
Need someone to keep an eye on your investment? We get it. Even the smallest project can appear daunting once the minutest details are put on paper, and we are more than equipped to stand by your side throughout the development process - all the way from concept to implementation.
Earthquake Engineering
Safety is our speciality. While we like to expect the best, we also believe in planning for the worst, and we have helped numerous clients develop comprehensive contingency plans for both new and existing projects. Our IT-based, evidence-driven risk assessments provide you with the tools you need to ensure the structural integrity of your projects for decades to come.
Infrastructure Design
Over the past decade, DIMCO has helped clients establish a wide array of infrastructure projects that span water supply networks, wastewater collection and treatment systems, refinery plans, and others. Regardless of scale or scope, our methodology is tailored to deliver the most scalable, durable and cost-effective design possible.
Engineering with surgical  precision.
Complete automation. Shocking ease-of-use.
DIMCO is an authorized distributor of some of the leading engineering software solutions in the world, providing the MENA region with convenient access to a comprehensive array of solutions that empower engineers and project managers while guaranteeing accurate measurement, planning and execution. We believe that sound engineering should — by design — be completely IT-driven, relying on precision tools and hard data, thereby diminishing margins of error and maximizing future-proofing and attention to detail.
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DIMCO Consulting is classified as a "First Grade" Speciality Consultancy under the Engineers Association of Jordan and the Ministry of Public Works. Got a project for us? Drop us an e-mail at  this address, or feel free to contact us by phone.

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