Embracing the digital age of structural analysis. DIMCO is an authorized distributor of an extensive suite of applications designed to optimize workflow and facilitate a wide array of processes that include basic seismological operations, non-linear analysis, seismic assessment, and more.
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SeismoBuild is an innovative Finite Element package wholly and exclusively dedicated to seismic assessment and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures that is targeted to the design office. The program is capable of fully carrying out the Code defined assessment methodologies from the structural modelling through to the required analyses and the corresponding member checks.

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SeismoStruct is an award-winning Finite Element package capable of predicting the large displacement behaviour of space frames under static or dynamic loading, taking into account both geometric nonlinearities and material inelasticity. Concrete, steel, frp and sma material models are available, together with a large library of 3D elements that may be used with a wide variety of pre-defined steel, concrete and composite section configurations.

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SeismoApps is a cutting-edge suite of applications designed to implement basic seismological operations. Easily read and process strong-motion data with SeismoSignal, create a personal library of ground motion records with SeismoSpect, adjust earthquake accelerograms to match a specific target response spectrum with SeismoMatch, or generate suites of accelerograms for nonlinear dynamic analysis with SeismoArtif.


The links above provide fully functional demo verions of SeismoSoft applications. To purchase lincenses for long-term use, please contact DIMCO.